Jordi Mariscal (Mexico City, 1971)
Jordi Mariscal has a major in business from the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. He took several Hispanic literature courses at the UNAM in Mexico City and at Georgetown, Washington DC. He lived four years in Madrid, where he earned a master's degree in journalism from the newspaper El País/ Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. And finally, he studied screenwriting at the New York Film Academy in London.

The experience of being a volunteer, researcher and a journalist on social issues has helped Jordi to shoot his documentary. He worked for an NGO located in a poor neighborhood of Iztapalapa, Mexico City (1997-1999). Then, he worked for Once TV Network (1999-2000), doing research for documentaries about neighborhoods also in Mexico City. He was a journalist at El País (Madrid, 2002); he created a travel magazine in Spain and has written numerous articles for magazines such as Gatopardo, Travesías and Reforma newspaper. He is cofounder and presenter of the film podcast Jordi has an unpublished short story book, and is actually writing Villaparaíso, his second feature film script that is going to be filmed in 2008.

Villaparaíso (Mexico-City, 2008) (pre-production)
Screenwriter and executive producer
El danzón del coyote. (The Coyote's Waltz) (Mexico-City, 2007).
Un domingo para olvidar. (Mexico D.F., 2005).
Screenwriter and executive producer.
Time to Fly (Londres, 2004).

Marec Fritzinger (Cologne, Germany, 1965)
He studied at the Ballyfermot Senior College in Dublin, Ireland and obtained a Diploma in Classical Animation, as well as studies in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in London.

He has 10 years of feature film experience with the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios in Los Angeles and Paris, starting with the Mickey Short Runaway Brain which was nominated for a 1995 Academy Award and continuing on their full-lenght animated "Classics" including Tarzan, The Emperor's New Groove, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and most recently live action movies like Enchanted. He also participated in One by One, Little Match Girl, and two segments of Fantasia (continued) and The Jungle Book 2.

After almost a decade with Disney he began exploring live action cinema. In 2004 he wrote and directed the live action short film Chien Bizarre in London. In 2005 he participated in the feature film Curious George from Universal Studios. For the last 3 years he has been involved in several projects of live action including short films like, The World is Yours by Marc Hartmann - Ciné Fondation Cannes, selected at the "Soho Short Film Festival 2004", London, Trueville by Marc Hartmann and Déjà Vu by Guillaume Bonnier, as well as the features Todos hemos pecado by Alejandro Ramírez and Vuelve a la vida by Carlos Hagerman.

  • Advisor and guest lecturer at the international film school ifs (Cologne, Germany).
  • Advisor and guest lecturer at the School of Animation Gobelins (Paris, France).
  • Has held lectures and master classes at important film festivals and universities in France, Germany and Mexico.

  • Filmography
    Villaparaíso (Mexico-City, 2008) (pre-production)
    Production Designer
    El danzón del coyote. (The Coyote's Waltz) (Mexico-City, 2007).
    Vuelve a la vida. (Mexico, 2007)
    Todos hemos pecado. (Mexico, 2007).
    Production Designer.
    Chien Bizarre (Londres, 2004).
    Director and screenwriter.
    Animation at Walt Disney Feature Animation (1994-2004)
    collaborating on pictures like The Hunback of Notre Dame, Hercules & Tarzan.